Thursday, November 6, 2008


me and my friends on Halloween
i had a class party and my mom did the treats she did FINGERS!!!! eeeww

my best bud and i and justin

Me and Sabyn getting our nails done at Gardener Village

Asher,sabyn,mommy,and me

me my mom and a chainsaw dude named stitch all hangin at Lagoon

trunk n treat wow look at all our candy!!!

oh arent we cute me , bell , mariah , sabyn, and asher

my halloween party at my home senja you are a DORK

me and my homies at my Halloween party


kiley said...

hey i loved that halloween with u it was so cool i want to have a sleep over with you kk love you kk
kiley <33333

jdqt_pie said...

hey hey guys leave a comment please and enjoy the blog i hope u like it see ya!!

~ Jauntae

Senja is AWESOME!! said...

Your mean im no DORK!! :):) NICE BLOG CHICA!!!